Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Backyard Birds

Watching our backyard birds has become a pasttime that many people enjoy.  This years Great Backyard Bird Count just ended a few days ago.  It went global for the first time this year and people from all over the world in 103 countries participated. With natural habitats shrinking it is important that we help our little friends by putting out feeders and bird baths. I found some great bird feeding tips at the site for The National Bird-Feeding Society.

Using lots of bird related items is also a great way to enhance out outdoor decor. Birdfeeders and birdbaths themselves come in so many designs being not only functional but beautiful.  Garden flags also are great way to bring color and show our love of birds. These decorative outdoor flags come in a huge variety from whimsical to gorgeous original artwork.  If you've snapped a photo that you love and are particularly proud of, send it to us and we'll make you a custom photo flag for you to hang and enjoy.

 Here are some of the bird flags we sell at  We look forward to hearing from you.  Happy Birding! 
Cardinal & Dogwood Applique Garden FlagBird Welcome Garden Flag

Snowy Owl Garden flag

Bird Garden FLag

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Marilee & Josie
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