Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gardening for Garden Flags

If you like to put your Garden Flags in a Garden, its time to get started.  For earlier blooms or veggies now is the time to start planting seeds.  Its too early for most of us to plant outdoors yet so we can start them indoors to give them a head start.  Check on the seed packets first though, it will usually say if the seedlings can be transplanted or if you should wait and plant them directly in the ground.  I am lucky that I had a small greenhouse built for me several years ago, but before that I started the seeds inside on top of my refrigerator and hung a plant light from the ceiling over them.  When the seeds aren't there, I replace them with a good size house plant so the light doesn't hang there neglected. 

There are tons of sources online loaded with information on starting seeds inside.  There are also a lot that show how to make little starter pots from newspaper.  Its a great way to recycle and save money so you don't have to buy the peat pots. Here is one link here. I've also used egg cartons and plastic containers that strawberries and cherry tomatoes come in.  When using plastic, just be sure to put holes in the bottom if there aren't any already.  When the weather is stable enough you can transplant the seedlings directly in your garden, newspaper and all.  Since you'll be out there checking on your seedlings often, its also time to put out a new spring garden flag.

Here are some spring garden flags and house flags that we have at

Dragonfly Duet Garden Flag

Hanging Tree Frog Garden Flag
Cardinal and Dogwood Garden FLag
Thanks for reading.
Marilee & Josie