Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recycling used Garden Flags

There are some of us with a Garden Flag obsession itching for excuses to buy new flags.  Even though we may have one for every possible ocassion and holiday. 

In the last post I mentioned that it is getting very close to the time when we need to take down our summer flags and put up one with an autumn theme.  Now....what do I do with that summer flag that I am taking down?  I could put it back in storage for next year OR I could donate it to a teacher for their classroom.

 I discovered when I was working at a local flag store that teachers, especially in younger classrooms,  love to have used  flags donated to them.  They use them to decorate their classroom, talking about seasons, identifying animals and in various other activities.  I was surprised that even ones that were somewhat tattered and faded, they were very happy to receive.  So if you have any decorative flags you are thinking of getting rid of, check with your local Elementary and Preschools.  Then you are free to buy some new decorative flags to replace those and feel good about your old ones going to a good home.
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