Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Make your own Flag Stand

When I was taking a walk in my daughter's neighborhood one day, I saw in someone's yard a decorative house flag hanging from a very inventive flag holder made from PVC poles.  It was a very simple design yet very functional.  Considering the cost of some flag holders especially for larger flags the whole concept of making your own from inexpensive materials seemed like a great option.  I also realized probably lots of people had come up with similar clever ideas, so I decided to do some research and sure enough there they were.

I found one such flag pole with a tutorial on how to make it at  a great little blog with great ideas.

The one I saw on my walk was different than this with a second verticle pole at the opposite end.  I wasn't able to see up close much detail.  But it had more of an upside down "U" shape to it.

Someone mentioned to me a very simple idea for a garden flag stand out of wood.  Just take two small wooden planks maybe 3 or 4 inches wide and drill 3/4 inch holes near the top of each .  Secure the boards in the ground about 14 inches apart use cement if desired .  Cut a 5/8 in dowel about  16 inches long slip the dowel in the first hole slide on your garden flag and then continue to slip the dowel through the hole of the opposite plank. Large rubber washers could be slipped over the ends of the dowels to keep it from slipping out of the holes.

With all the creative minds out there, I am sure there are lots of other ideas and we would love to hear them.  Please post them here or here on our Facebook page. 

Thanks for reading.
Josie and Marilee
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