Saturday, April 20, 2013

Backyard Makeover for the Love of a Toddler

Many things in my life have been changed and rearranged since the arrival of my grandson over two years ago.  I've had to ease up on my campaign against clutter as my sunroom and cupboards are cluttered with toys.  Dresser drawers once holding guest linens are full of tiny clothes and it doesn't stop there. The changes have slowly started taking place outside.

My back yard used to be adorned with all sorts of lawn ornaments including of course garden flags.  I had lots of small flower gardens dotting the expanse.  As soon as my grandson started walking it didn't take long to see he was an explorer.  He liked to investigate everything within his reach and needless to say typical yard decorations are not made for a toddler to play with. It also became quickly apparent, a flower bed is no different to him than the grassy areas as he tromps from one side of the yard to the other.  So I've made big changes over the last year or so. I've condensed my flower beds down to just a couple larger ones and tried to give them defined borders that he can learn to respect. Where other beds used to dot the yard we are now constructing a huge fort and swing set. 
I've kept my decorative flags that can be displayed within protected flower beds but other than that most of the yard ornaments have been removed .

I'm looking forward to this spring and summer playing with my grandson in my backyard and giving him a little more freedom to run.  Not having to constantly tell him "no" as he grabs on to things that could hurt him or break.  His "little years" will go by so fast I want to enjoy them.

When your child or grandchild goes in to your yard to play, wouldn't it be exciting for him to see his artwork proudly on display.  At Custom Flags and Gifts you can order a flag with your child's very own artwork on it.  What fun!  It also makes a great keepsake. 

Child's Artwork Custom Garden Flag
Child's Artwork Cusstom Garden Flag

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