Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is next weekend and like all holidays has a reason and an origin that goes beyond just the commercial part of gift giving, so I decided to do some research.  A woman named Anna Jarvis is considered the founder.  Her mother who had  eleven children had often mentioned the desire for a day set aside to honor motherhood.  After her mother died Anna decided to make her wish come true.  She campaigned tirelessly many years until it was officially declared a US holiday in 1914.   Anna's hopes was for children to show there love and respect for their mothers in simple and sincere ways with handwritten notes and handmade gifts.  Ironically, as the holiday became more and more commercialized, Ms Jarvis became very disillusioned with the holiday and spent the latter part of her life trying to get it removed from the calendar.

As gift giving on Mother's Day continues to be a tradition , which as a mom, I see nothing wrong with.  We do need to keep in mind what the holiday is all about and take the time to truly appreciate what Mom's do.  At this point in my life, Mother's Day becomes three layered.  As a mother myself, remembering my own mother and watching my daughter be a wonderful mom to my grandson.  So many grateflul memories and hopes for the future.

Simple gifts that show some effort and thought behind them are often the best, especially ones that are personalized.  Photo gifts are a perfect way to express sentiments and save memories. 

Here are some gift ideas at Custom Flags and Gifts.

Printed tile with your child's artwork

Photo purse for Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day and thanks for reading.
Josie and Marilee