Friday, February 21, 2014

Patriotic Garden Flags

The 2012 Summer Olympics slipped by me, I watched very little of them and later regretted it.  So during these 2014 Winter Olympics I have made a real point to watch them faithfully and I have really enjoyed them.  These talented athletes are such an inspiration.  Their accomplishments are awesome and their dedication truly amazing.  Although I admire them all regardless of what country they represent, I do of course, root a little more for those from the USA. Watching the members of Team USA will stir a feeling of patriotism in even the most cynical. 

A great way to keep these feelings alive and strong is by displaying patriotic flags in your yard.  These decorative flags come in a wide array of designs and themes.  There are military garden flags and house flags that represent each different branch and some represent all who serve in general.  Many of these yard flags can be personalized with the name of a loved one, showing pride and support.  Like this personalized Army Garden Flag.
personalized army garden flag

Some patriotic yard flags are more whimsical like the Patriotic Owls Garden Flag
patriotic ows garden flag
There are also garden flags that display the yellow ribbon, including a Welcome Home Personalized Garden Flag
Personalized Welcome Home Military Garden Flag
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