Friday, May 30, 2014

Celebrating Birds with Decorative Yard Flags

We are well into spring now and as it slowly turns to summer, it is a busy time for our backyard birds.   It is a great time to show your love of birds by displaying one of the many great decorative bird flags that are available. 

We have so many birds nesting in our yard right now.  I enjoy watching the baby birds as they hop around clumsily so unaware and waiting for mom or dad to return with food. Thats why I love our Tweet Tweet Applique Bird Flag , which we carry as a garden flag or house flag.
tweet tweet applique bird flag
This adorable applique yard flag depicts a family of birds in their nest after a baby has just hatched. 

Another of my favorite bird flags is the Squirrel Dilemma Garden Flag by Carson.  This is a humorous flag which depicts the constant battle at the birdfeeder of squirrel versus bird.  
squirrel dilemma garden flag
The Cardinal Applique Spring Garden Flag is a heavy double applique flag.  It is beautifully sewn depicting a cardinal on the branch of a blooming dogwood branch.  This is a high quality flag that will hold up to the outside elements.    
cardinal applique spring garden flag

These are just a sampling of the great decorative birds flags you can find.  Come see what we have to offer at Custom Flags and Gifts

Enjoy your birdwatching!  We sure will.

Thanks for reading.
Marilee & Josie