Thursday, June 19, 2014

So many Decorative Summer Yard Flags

Summer Solstice is June 21st.  Time for fun in the sun and a new decorative summer yard flag.  With so many different summer flags to choose from, its no wonder that it is so hard to pick just one.  We have an easy solution, buy more than one.  Get two or three of these great flags   Decorative flags look great in the front yard, back yard, in your garden, on your deck, under your mailbox and even in your house as wall art.  The possibilities are endless.   There is a house on my walking route that keeps ,at all times, at least eight garden flags at various places in her front yard.  There may be more out back.  So shop till you drop and to your heart's content and buy as many summer garden flags and house flags as you'd like.  Plus, its always good to have an extra one on hand as decorative flags make great gifts. 
Here is a sampling of summer flags available at Custom Flags and Gifts:

floral hummingbird garden flag
This beautiful flag is one of my favorite featuring a humming bird festing on summer flowers.

fly away ladybug garden flag
Cute applique summer garden flag with lady bugs.

dragonfly duet summer garden flag
Very pretty printed summer art flag features a pair of dragonflies.

gardening welcome applique house flag
Great house flag for an avid gardener.
Garden Welcome Applique House Flag