Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ladybug Garden Flags

With record breaking temperatures and snowfall and what seems like a record breaking LONG winter, I think it is time to THINK SPRING.  Get your mind off the cold and look at the bright cheerful colors of Spring Garden Flags and Spring House Flags.
fly away home ladybug decorative house flagladybug garden flag

The long dreary cold days are bound to have an affect on our outlook.  Many people say shopping is therapeutic to them.  Looking at these decorative Ladybug Flags is bound to put a smile on your face.

Ladybugs have long been a subject of  poetry and artwork as symbols of cheerfulness and just plain cuteness.  A decorative ladybug flag will help to brighten an early spring outdoor decor while we wait for trees to bud and flowers to bloom.  The Fly Away Home flag on the left comes both in the garden flag size and the larger house flag size.

Check out this flag that is printed at Custom Flags and Gifts Ladybug Garden Flag  This flag can be a personalized flag.  A personalized garden flag is always a nice touch and makes your flag totally unique.   

What a bright and cheery decorative spring yard flag  this one is with the happiness of both daisies and ladybugs.

Thanks for reading and watch for more upcoming blogs on Spring Flags and Easter Garden Flags and Easter House Flags.

Marilee and Josie