Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monogram Garden Flags

A monogram in its strictest terms is two or more letters, usually someone's initials, that are interwoven in a way to create one design.  Most of us also include any display of initials used for decorative or labeling uses.  Initials that are listed in any way interwoven or not and even just one letter that represents a first or last name initial. 

As an embroiderer for many years I have monogrammed purses, shirts, baby clothes and over the last few years have been introduced to monogram decorative yard flags.  These garden flags come in many themes and designs and are available for all the different seasons.  Most monogram flags display a single initial.  Some also spell out the name that initial represents and works it into the design.  I have also seen some decorative monogram flags that use the traditional 3-letter intertwined monogram.  In these monograms the initial of the last name is larger and in the middle.

At Custom Flags and Gifts, all our monogram flags are ones we have designed ourselves and print in our shop.  This gives us the freedom to offer unique products that are not offered anywhere else.  Here is a sampling of what we have:

animal print monogram flag
Animal Print Monogram Flag

Flip Flop Welcome Garden Flag

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