Sunday, June 30, 2013

Decorative Yard Flags - For the Birds

We had the privilege over the last few weeks of watching a pair of House Wrens in action.  From a window in our house we have a perfect up close view of one of our birdhouses.  Several weeks ago we watched as a pair of house wrens started busily bringing building materials , they worked tirelessly.  As time went on we assumed they had layed and were setting on eggs.  Eventually we starting hearing lots of little tweets that started out very small and weak and gradually grew stronger and louder.  Finally we were able to see their little eyes and beaks, but mostly beaks.

 You could look out into the birdhouse and see nothing but opened mouths. 

Hungry baby House Wren
Again the mom and dad worked long and hard all day long feeding what we finally figured were four mouths. 

Then the time came to leave home and again we were lucky enough to be able to witness them leaving the safety of there home to venture out in the dangerous and huge outside world. 

There are  many garden flags and house flags that display the wonderful world of birds.  By displaying these decorative yard flags you promote awareness of their beauty and remind people to help and protect these delicate yet resourceful creatures.

The Birch Tree Songbirds garden flag by Custom Decor shows many different breeds of birds in all there gloriour color.
Birch Tree Songbirds
Birch Tree Songbirds

The Squirrel Dilemma Flag  by Carson is a humourous flag that anyone who likes to feed birds can relate to.
This great applique flag comes in both the small mini flag size and the larger house flag so you can have a matching pair. 

Check out all our great bird flags we're sure you'll find something you love.

Thank you for reading.
Marilee & Josie
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