Saturday, July 6, 2013

Personalizing Garden Flags

 We just received a new shipment of summer garden flags.  As I am choosing which flags would make nice personalized flags, I am again researching the proper usage of last names in personalizations.    Do you use possessive or plural?  Is the decorative flag referring to The Smith's house so you make the name possessive? or is it a declaration that there is more than one "Smith" here therefore putting "The Smiths".   Then there is the problem with some names that end in "s" they can sound and look rather awkward when pluralized such as the Edwards becoming the Edwardses.
I have been doing personalizations for quite a few years now between my embroidery business and our garden flag venture. To simplify and remove any question I have found adding "family"  the last name helps to take away any doubts and makes the personalization sound more natural.  Putting "The Davis Family" on a flag sounds much better to most people than the "The Davises".  There are some decorative yard flags that could really benefit from a personalization but have limited space and on those have to opt for the last name only.  I have learned in those cases to ask the customer to write their name exactly as they would like it to appear.  Proper or not, I have found some people are not happy with the way their name looks or sounds in the plural.

As to whether to use  the last name in a possessive or plural form, possessive does work if you add "House" or "Getaway" or anything along those lines.  We have a new  Lake Garden Flag that is a good example.  We offer personalization of the last name

Personalized flags are a lot of fun and make your flag unique and a one of a kind. We have lots of flags that can be personalized. Come see us at .  If you see a flag that is not listed for personalization but you would like it to be, just let us know.  We will do our best to accommodate. 

Here is a few of the House Flags and Garden Flags we carry that can be personalized.
Personalized Welcome to the Lake Garden Flag
Personalized Welcome to the Lake Garden Flag