Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Solstice 2013

Even though I've already had enough cold weather, winter hasn't even officially started.  This year the winter solstice is Saturday December 21st at 12:11 PM (EST).  Although, obviously, I am not a fan of winter, I do look forward to the winter solstice as I know its uphill from there.  As that is the shortest day of the year, I know from then on the days will be getting longer.

As the holidays come and go and the decorative holiday flags come down it will be time to put up our winter garden flags .  This category of decorative flags is very versatile and many can be displayed from Thanksgiving right through Valentine's Day .  We even have one of our very nice mini flags actually called Winter Solstice.

As ironically as it is, even though we have already had frigid temperatures this year, the weather people are predicting temperatures in the 70's for us this Saturday on the winter solstice.  So put on your shorts or coats, depending on the weather where you are and shop our decorative winter flags at Custom Flags and Gifts.  Also stock up on Christmas flags for next year as they are all still 10% through December.

Happy Solstice and Happy Shopping.

winter solstice garden flagSnowy Perch applique winter flag
Snowy Owls Winter Garden FlagWinter Birdhouse House Flag



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Winter Solstice Garden FlagWinter Solstice Garden Flag