Thursday, March 27, 2014

A little more springing action please.

The day claiming Spring Equinox on the calendar has come and gone, and I'm starting to see lots of spring garden flags in neighbor's yards, but the old saying of action speaks louder than words, I think, applies here.  It may say spring on the calendar, but I'm not seeing much springing action outside. Yesterday's weather included a bitter cold wind and the day before that we actually had snow, and we are even in the south.  People in the north definitely are having it worse. 

Despite the cold weather, I still am seeing lots of other signs that spring is here.  My forsythia is in full bloom, along with the daffodils.  Parent birds are busily going in and out of our birdhouses, and my yard is showing signs of needing mowed, UGH.  So, I'm busily planning and gathering supplies for spring projects.  Including, choosing which decorative flags to display in my garden.  

Among our spring garden flags we also have Gardening Garden Flags.  These flags can be personalized.

Gardener's Garden FLagGardening Welcome Applique House Flag

If you are not a gardener we still have plenty of other spring flags, including custom garden flags to help you celebrate the warm weather, hopefully, to come.

custom ladybug garden flagwelcome sky custom flag

butterfly spring house flag
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