Saturday, April 5, 2014

Garden Flags for Campers

Spring is finally here and camping enthusiasts are readying their campers and camping gear.  Campgrounds have a very relaxed atmosphere with everyone ready to make friends with their fellow campers.  A camper's garden flag personalized with your name and saying welcome would be a great addition to your campsite to show that you too are ready to befriend your camping neighbors.

After we received several requests from motorhome owners for custom decorative flags, we decided we probably should put some on our Custom Flags and Gifts web store.  We have just added a new line of  decorative flags for campers of all types, from tents to motor homes to camping trailers. All these flags are personalized with names and many allow you to customize any further with location of origin and type of camper.

Visit us at to shop for these new personalized camping flags.  Here is a sampling of a couple of them.

happiness on wheels motorhome camping flagmotor home camping flag