Friday, April 18, 2014

Flags that support Earth Day

This year Earth Day is Tuesday April 22nd.  First celebrated in 1970, the goal of this day is to create  support for environmental protection through events and informational campaigns that take place throughout the world.  By participating in the events you can gain valuable insight on how you can help by doing your part. Here is a website I found that listed 50 small things everyone can do to help, many of these, I never thought of.

 You can also help with awareness simply by displaying one of our environmental garden flags in your yard.  A decorative flag can be a small billboard letting friends and neighbors know that you support Mother Earth.  Here are a couple of our environmental flags that would be perfect for Earth Day.  These yard flags were designed in our shop and you won't see them anywhere else.  Their design  also has a playful charm that will interest children.  Teaching children and getting them interested in conservation and environmental issues is more important now than it has ever been.

share the earth garden flagsave the animals garden flag

We also have the personalized We Recycle Monogram Flag.
We recycle custom garden flag

So let's celebrate Earth Day next Tuesday and all do our best to help protect and clean up our environment.

Thanks for reading.

Marilee and Josie
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