Sunday, November 2, 2014

Decorative Flags for November

This time of year is such a busy time.  Halloween is now over and the abundance of fall festivals is decreasing as the holidays quickly approach.  It is now time to take down the Halloween Garden Flag and choose a more appropriate decorative yard flag for this time of year. 

magic of autumn custom garden flagautumn leaves applique fall garden flagIt is a good idea to have a base Fall Garden Flag that can be displayed all the way from the first of October to December such as this Autumn Leaves Applique Garden Flag.  This is a very nice high quality double applique flag. Or our Custom Monogram Flag, The Magic of Autumn. 

gratitude cornucopia garden flagIf you are someone that likes to change out your yard flags frequently you can add to your collection holiday flags for both Halloween and Thanksgiving to switch out as these holidays come and go.  Thanksgiving Garden Flags usually don't stay up very long but they are still fun to have.  There is this nice garden flag by Carson called Gratitude Cornucopia  and our Custom Thanksgiving Flag called We are Grateful for Many Things, this custom flag is a great project to do with your kids asking them to list things they are grateful for to add to this personalized flag.

Once Thanksgiving is over your fall flag could possibly be put up again for a short time.  It depends on where you live and how much winter has progressed in your region.  But after a week at the most, it is probably time to put away your fall flags till next year and move on to winter and Christmas yard flags.

Thank you for reading.
Marilee & Josie
Custom Flags and Gifts