Sunday, October 26, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month.  This disease has affected countless people either themselves having the disease or by it having affected a loved one.  Breast Cancer Awareness helps to keep this deadly disease in the forefront to accomplish numerous things.   You can wear pink, wear breast cancer awareness buttons or T-shrits or even display a Breast Cancer Awareness Garden Flag.

One purpose is to educate.  To point out both risk factors and steps toward prevention.  I just learned that just simple physical exercise is one of those prevention methods.  I read that just three hours of exercise a week helps to boost the immune system which helps to fight off this disease.  Another important purpose of  Awareness Month is to remind women to get their mammograms and routinely do self exams.  It is so easy to forget these things in our busy lives,even though they take so little time.
Encouraging donations by stressing the importance of these contributions .  Giving either your time as a volunteer or a gift of money can help a woman who is both financially and mentally drained get through a challenge of a lifetime.

So as the month of October comes to an end, the need for Breast Cancer Awareness does not end.  The simple act of occasionally wearing that pink T-shirt or displaying a pink ribbon garden flag can help remind people to do what they have withing their power to help fight this disease.
i wear pink custom garden flag
pink ribbon breast cancer awareness flagThere are countless awareness decorative flags to be found.  We offer two that are also personalized flags   These flags help you support a loved one fighting the disease or remember someone you have lost.  Using personalized banners such as these with an actual person's name on it makes the devasting affects of breast cancer more real and therefore hopefully creating more action.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with all.

Thank you for reading.
Josie and Marilee
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