Saturday, August 29, 2015

Garden Flags for Everyday and Any Day

Where did Summer Go?  Kids are going back to school and fall clothes fill the stores.  I swear every year, summer goes faster and faster.

decorative pineapple welcome flag

You are probably starting to feel like the beach garden flag displayed out front really isn't suitable anymore.  Since the days are still hot and the leaves still green, fall garden flags with colors fall colored leaves , pumpkins and scarecrows, wouldn't be fitting either.  It is time for those everyday flags.  The flags that are good for everyday and any day.

patriotic garden flagsThere are many country folk style flags that would be perfect for this time of year.  There is a huge variety of welcome pineapple garden flags.  This decorative pineapple welcome flag by Carson is a perfect example. It also comes in both the garden size and larger house size.

Patriotic and Military Flags aren't just for patriotic holidays.  They are a welcome sight any day of the year.  Military flags especially are wonderful to display to support  men and women serving our country.  A personalized military flag is even better.  Have the name of a loved one put on a flag that represents the branch they are in and show how proud you are.

Let's not forget the Back to School Flags.  They are not, of course, an everyday flag.  In fact, you probably want to only leave it up a few weeks.  But they are such fun to display and absolutely perfect for this time of year.  Let's welcome kids and teachers to a brand new year of learning.  Since they do stay up such a short time, your favorite back to school flag should last more than one year and they add more variety to your displays.

Thanks for reading.
Marilee and Josie
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