Monday, June 22, 2015

Garden Flags for Summer Parties

Summer is a time for fun with family and friends.  Pool parties, backyard BBQs  and summer get togethers of all kinds.  There are summer garden flags that are perfect for displaying during these events.  Decorative flags that mark the spot and add to the spirit of the fun.
beer garden flagrum and get it skull and crossbones garden flag
This Beer Garden Flag and the unique Rum and Get it Garden Flag would both be a great addition and conversation piece for a party.

pool party garden flag

Many of the personalized garden flags can be tailored to fit your celebration.  The possibilities are as creative as your imagination. Among the decorative party flags that can be personalizedare the Pool Party Flag which can be placed out front at the party to let people know they have found the right place.  An all around general party flag like this is good to have on hand and could be used for any celebration from birthdays to family reunion.

Thank you for reading.  We hope you enjoy all your summer get togethers, I know we will.

Josie and Marilee
Custom Flags and Gifts