Monday, September 24, 2012

Photo Gifts

Child's artwork decorative tile
Child's artwork, decorative tile
Everyone loves photo gifts.  Each one is totally unique and are great for people who are hard to shop for.  There is such a huge variety of things you can have your photos put on.  Everything from  mugs and key chains to planters and clocks.  One item I recently had a lot of fun with was ceramic tiles.  I scanned artwork my grandson did at preschool and even dug up some old artwork my now grown daughters did years ago.  Once the artwork was scanned into my computer I set it up and printed it on specially treated ceramic tiles.  They turned out great.

There are several things you can do with these tiles.  Display them either on a wall with some of the new velcro - type picture hangers or on a shelf or buffet with an easel.  There are also products that have insert areas that you can have the tiles put into to such as Wooden Planters and Keepsake Boxes. We carry these items at Custom Flags and Gifts.  

Photos of loved ones can also be printed on the tiles.  The possibilities are endless.  Come visit us at and see these and other photo gifts and garden flags that we have to offer.