Monday, September 2, 2013

Garden Flags for In Between

Although Labor Day marks the end of summer in so many ways REALLY summer is not over till the Autumnal Equinox sings, which this year is Monday September 23rd.  So its not quite time for fall flags yet.  Maybe you are ready for a change though, maybe that summer garden flag has been up for a while.  You are ready for a new In Between decorative flag.  A flag to fly between the holidays and between when a season is in full swing.  There are many to choose from at Custom Flags and Gifts.

Most of our Custom Monogram Flags would work except for perhaps our Flip Flop Monogram Flag.  There are several bird flags good for this time of year and several Pineapple Welcome Flags.  Plus I always tell people, there are no Flag Police.  If you want to hang a summer flag in the middle of a snow storm, then do it!  Garden Flags are a way for you to express yourself to fly what you want.

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Welcome Pineapple FlagsPineapple Welcome Flag
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