Saturday, September 21, 2013

So what is applique?

Having sewn all my life and being into crafting , just like anyone well versed in an activity, it is such a big part of your world, you forget not everyone knows or understands what certain things are or means.  In the garden flag world applique plays a big part.  Many flag people prefer the applique flags because of their bold simplicity and durability if its quality work. 

One definition of applique that I saw, described it as ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn onto a large piece of fabric to form pictures or patterns.  I thought that described it pretty well.  Usually a column of embroidery stiches borders each of the pieces .  Embroidery is often used throughout the applique design to add accents and details such as the pupil of an eye or stem of a flower. 

High quality applique is essential to ensure the pieces are properly sewn so that they don't fray and cause holes.  We buy a lot of our applique flags from Flagcenter in Richmond, Va.  The quality is outstanding and their designs are classic.  We recently got a new order of autumn flags and also some holiday flags, they were all the applique decorative flags.  Here are a couple of the fall garden flags we got.

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