Thursday, January 23, 2014

Decorative flags for Everyday

glitter monogram flag
Sometimes we get so involved in the holidays and all the special occasions in our lives and the decorative flags that go with them, that we forget about the wonderful everyday things that are really the base of our lives.  To enjoy and share those everyday things we have in between everyday garden flags and house flags that come in so many other themes than just the holidays.

There are so many monogram flags that can be displayed any time of year.  Our glitter monogram garden flag is one example.

Folk Pineapple Garden Flag
Warmth of Home House Flag
There are also lots of decorative flags that say "Welcome" or "Home Sweet Home" . Many of these may have holiday themes, but there are many that do not. Like our "Warmth of Home" house flag or several of our pineapple flags.

Besides these, there are many other themes of  everyday yard flags including gardening, pets, and military flags to name a few.

Visit the wonderful world of decorative flags at our Custom Flags and Gifts web store and find a  perfect flag for every day.

Thanks for reading.
Josie and Marilee