Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hook a friend on flags

We all have a friend or family member that is next to impossible to buy for.  As their birthday draws closer you have to rack your brain every year deciding what to get them.  Its always in your own best interest to get them something that has lots of accessories or uses things that either wear out, get used up or can be collected. 

The new instant coffee machines are a great example.  It offers tons of gift packages of pods in different types and flavors that replacements will always be needed for.  Another example would be to get someone started in scrapbooking by buying them an instruction book and some supplies.  The scrapbooking department in craft stores has an endless possiblilites of future gifts for a scrapbooking addict.

garden flag starter set
Garden Flag Starter Set
Getting someone hooked on decorative flags might be the very best route to take. A garden flag lover always welcomes a new flag.  There are always themes they don't have covered or well loved flags that are worn and need replaced.  Just start with the flag stand and one relevant flag for whatever the season may be and you will know what to get this person for years to come.  You will feel so clever and all the while they will be very appreciative.  There is also an available starter kit that is sure to get them wanting more.  It is a garden flag stand and four decorative flags, one for each season.  They will immediately be looking for birthday flags, welcome flags, holiday flags and more.

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Marilee and Josie
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