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Frequently Asked Questions about Applique Flags

There are two main types of decorative flags; printed art flags and applique flags.

just married applique wedding garden flag So what is applique?  Applique is a form of needlework where pieces of fabric of different colors and designs are sewn together to create a picture or design.  Applique garden flags and house flags are made this exact way.  Because of the way these decorative flags are constructed they may have less detail than a printed flag, but they make up for it with other types of detail such as embroidery and other embellishments that often make them three dimensional.  For example, on this Just Married Wedding Garden Flag by Two Group,which is a double applique flag, they added some netting material for the  bride's veil

ove birds garden flagWhat is the difference between single applique and double applique?   Single applique is just one layer.  The pieces of fabric are sewn together with topstitch embroidery and the flag is hemmed so there are no raw edges, but it is a single layer. very often a single applique flag can be viewed correctly from one side only.  This Love Birds Garden Flag is single applique, but is a very lovely, well maded quality flag. A double applique decorative yard flag is basically two complete flags sewn together.

autumn wagon applique garden flagWhy are double applique flags sometimes more expensive than other flags?   Since double applique flags are basically two complete flags sewn together, it is twice the material and twice the labor.  You do end up with a nice heavy durable flag, usually well worth the money.

What does it mean when it says double sided?  Double sided means the garden flag or house flag can be viewed equally from either side, including being able to read the text correctly from either side.  Double applique flags are almost always double sided.   With single applique it varies, but more and more, decorative flag companies are making an effort to make flags that are double sided.  Just check the description or ask the company if having the flag double sided is important to you. The Autumn Wagon Applique Garden Flag shown here is one of our heavy double sided, double applique flags by FlagCenter.  These are wonderful high quality flags. 

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