Sunday, September 28, 2014

Decorative Yard Flags Featuring Pets

Decorative flags exist for every occasion and every holiday.  There are garden flags that promote a cause and house flags that say congratulations.  Some of the most popular yard flags are those that feature people's beloved pets. 
I have always heard owning pets can actually be good for our health.  That the act of petting an animal is actually soothing to us also and helps to reduce stress.  They are also great companions for elderly folk who cannot get out much and gives them a feeling of usefulness and boosts mental heath.  But after finding the article on CNN at this link ,I was amazed at other health benefits owning a pet creates. Like its been shown that children who are exposed to pet dander at an early age by growing up with pets, tend to have less allergies.  That's a new one on me.  So give them some recognition and show your love by displaying yard flags with pets.

chocolate lab dog flagboxer dog garden flagThere are lots of very nice dog flags by your favorite brands. Most of these can be personalized with the pet's name. One popular brand that does dog flags and only dog flags along with some other dog products is Best of Breed.  This Chocolate Lab flag is by Best of Breed., the Boxer flag is by Evergreen.
spoiled cat personalized custom flagpersonalized rescue dog custom flagThere are also several custom dog and cat garden flags.  Some support the cause of Rescue Dogs others just declare the master's love for their pet.  One of the newest custom cat flags we offer is this Spoiled Cat Custom Flag.  It allows you not only to personalize the flag with the cat's name, you also get to choose from four different adorable cartoon cats as to which one will represent your cat on the flag. 

Custom flags make such fun garden flags to display.  They are made just for you and have your personal touch. These custom dog flags and cat flags would make great gifts for someone on your list that loves their pet. 

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Josie and Marilee
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