Monday, September 1, 2014

Garden Flags - a way to show support

always remember 9/11 garden flagSeptember 11th is quickly approaching and as our 9/11 Garden Flag says, to "Always Remember" is so very important.  Remembering any tragic times or particular days is important for those who suffered, those who lost loved ones and to help prevent them from happening again.

Displaying our "Always Remember" Flag or any patriotic garden flag is a small thing you can do with very little cost or effort to show that you care.  An American Flag is another perfect choice.  For those who find dealing with full size flags difficult, there are garden size American Flags.  These are great to have in your flag collection to display on various patriotic holidays.   
garden size american flag
There are any number of patriotic garden flags or house flags that would be appropriate.  But whether you display a flag or not, give a small prayer for those who suffered and be sure to never forget.
Thanks for reading.
Josie and Marilee
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