Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yard decorations

When I am out walking in my neighborhood, besides garden flags, I also like to look at people's yard decorations.  I saw the cutest thing the other day, I thought it was so original.  I came back and looked it up on the internet and I , apparently, was one of the few that had never seen it done before.  It was a snowman made from pumpkins.  I will say this one was a little different than any of the others I saw online. Not only was it cute, but what a great way to use uncarved pumpkins left over from the autumn holidays.  This snowman was three pumpkins painted white of graduated size with its face and buttons painted black.  If you are also among the few that haven't heard of this just search "pumpkin snowman" and you'll see a great variety.

Snowmen and of course Snowladies are so lovable.  We don't get much snow around here, so to see a snowman  it usually does have to be in the form of a decoration or on a winter garden flag. These garden flags can decorate your yard all winter long and one of our Snowmen Garden flags can even be personalized. Come see what we have at Custom Flags and Gifts  

snowmen garden flag
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