Saturday, October 11, 2014

Decorative Halloween Yard Flags

Halloween is just around the corner and we are taking inventory of our Halloween Garden Flags  and Halloween House Flags.  I can still remember as a child going trick or treating door to door. Back then we didn't worry about if we knew the people or not.  Neither did we worry about what was in our bags.  Our parents didn't inspect our goods before we could eat them.  We just came home, marveled over our spoils and down the hatch they went.  That included homemade cookies, cupcakes, unwrapped candy in baggies all sorts of dangerous stuff.  Those were different times.

Although people are much more cautious today as far as trick-or-treating goes, enthusiasm for the holiday has not waned one bit.  Outdoor Halloween decor seems to get more sophsticated and abundant each year.  One of my neighbors this year had a yard full of extravagant Halloween decorations before the end of September.  Its fun to see the creative ways people express their love for the season.  My favorite are the handmade items; stuffed scarecrows and witches and pumpkins carved with imagination. I also enjoy, of course, seeing all the different decorative Halloween yard flags.  There is such a wide variey of Halloween flags to choose from, and if you are too busy to do a lot of decorating this year, a Halloween Garden Flag displayed in your yard is a quick way to show you are in the spirit of the fun that this holiday brings.

personalized haunted house custom halloween flag
Here are some decorative flags we are offering this year for Halloween.  We even have a few that can be personalized and a couple that are Custom Made Garden Flags.
little ghost halloween garden flag
little count dracula applique halloween house flagHalloween Witch Garden Flag

personalized halloween flag

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